Outlander Sport vs. Mazda CX-5
Mitsubishi Outlander Sport vs. Mazda CX-5

Comparing the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport to the SUV Competition

At Fairfield Mitsubishi, we're proud of the value and quality inherent in the well-equipped Mitsubishi models we bring to our customers in Connecticut. Every car and SUV in our inventory is designed with the driver in mind and a keen attention to detail, with something to please everyone in our collection.

If you're in the market for a new crossover SUV, Mitsubishi has a nice assortment of options to consider, including the five-passenger, compact Outlander Sport. A great model for drivers who love the style and versatility of an SUV, but who crave the easy-to-drive and park nature of a smaller vehicle, the Outlander Sport fills a nice niche between car and SUV.

While we know the Outlander Sport is a perfect option for many drivers in the Fairfield area, we also know it's not the only crossover available. To help make your next vehicle decision process easier, we've done an in-depth research and comparison of our model against some of its popular competition.

The Mitsubishi Outlander Sport vs. the Mazda CX-5

To help you understand what sets our Outlander Sport crossover apart from the competition, we've looked at it next to the similarly sized, competing Mazda CX-5. Both seat five and have four doors with ample cargo space, but the Mitsubishi starts at around $22,000 while the CX-5 starts around $25,000. Here are a few other ways we've found that help our model stand out:

  • Manufacturer warranty. It goes without saying that things can go wrong with any vehicle. Life happens and parts break or get damaged. Isn't it nice to know that when these things happen, your automobile manufacturer is looking out for you? Mitsubishi has one of the best warranty plans in the industry, offering up to 100,000 miles or 10 years of coverage, while the Mazda warranty is only good for 5 years or 60,000 miles.
  • Fuel capacity and range. The Outlander Sport also has a larger fuel tank than the CX-5. While the Mitsubishi tank can hold more than 16 gallons of gas, the Mazda has a roughly 14-gallon tank. This means longer drives between fill ups for you, with the Outlander Sport averaging 398 miles in the city and 498 miles on the highway, and the CX-5 averaging only 370 gallons in the city and 459 gallons on the highway per fill up.
  • Passenger space. You, and your passengers, will be more comfortable in the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport than in the Mazda CX-5 as well. The Outlander Sport has a more spacious interior cabin, with more front seat legroom than the CX-5, and more comfortable backseat space for three passengers to sit side by side, with extra elbow room and shoulder room in the rear.
  • Standard and optional features. With the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, even the base model ES comes with a long list of the features Connecticut drivers want. Plus, there are options available for the entry-level trim to outfit it with even more sought-after amenities, such as heated front seats, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone integration, satellite radio, and more. The Mazda CX-5, on the other hand, doesn't make any of these features available at the base model. In fact, the only way to get these exciting additions is by moving up in trim levels and spending more money.

Meet Your Next Mitsubishi in Fairfield

See for yourself why we say the Outlander Sport is the better crossover for your drives. View our complete collection online and reach out to our sales team for more information. When you're ready to test drive this vehicle in person, we'll be ready to introduce you.



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