How the 2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Keeps You Connected on the Road

Have you ever been driving and heard the chime of your smartphone and been tempted to reach over and grab it off the passenger seat? Maybe you've even averted your eyes from the road for a couple of seconds to pick it up from its resting spot. At Fairfield Mitsubishi, the last thing we want is for you to have an accident because you needed to answer a text or a phone call. In the 2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, the technology you have will be enough to keep your eyes on the road and keep you connected simultaneously.

There are three methods of technology the 2018 Eclipse Cross uses to keep Connecticut drivers in tune with the performance of their crossover and their cellular device:

  1. Say goodbye to speeding tickets with the Head-Up Display. Instead of looking down to monitor your speed, it will present itself right on your windshield at eye level. This feature will display any cruise control settings you have in place and most importantly, your crossover's speed, so you can slow down or speed up as necessary.
  2. Instead of averting your eyes from the road to change apps on your vehicle's touchscreen display, you'll have a touchpad feature located in between the front seats. Simply reach down and swipe or gently tap the pad to navigate to the app you want to be displayed. This gesture can be made effortlessly without allowing your eyes to leave your road.
  3. Finally, the seven-inch Smartphone Link Thin Display Audio System is what you'll use to stay connected to your Apple or Android smartphone while you're driving. You can receive navigation instructions and jam out to your favorite tunes. While you shouldn't text while driving, with the Eclipse Cross, you can turn a text conversation into a personal phone call with this model's smartphone compatibility.

Don’t let your smartphone risk an on-road accident ever again when you lease or finance the newest Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross at Fairfield Mitsubishi. There are four unique, fully-connected trim levels - ES, LE, SE, and SEL - that are ready to be explored by the very driver who may take them home. Schedule a test drive in Fairfield today to see which model you want to remain connected in while you run errands, drive to and from work, or visit out-of-town family members.

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